Sunday, November 7, 2010


In the pure spiritualy there is only love and understanding. No critic, no disharmony or and other negative emotion. There is only desire for giving and helping. Spiritualy is the most important part of my life I cannot live without.There is no other way but precarious
living. The life would be just material body and everyday robot actions. There would be no exhaltation, neither internal treasure we share with others. When your spirit has no limits, you try to understand everybody including all his acts and thoughts. You have to be free to be able to understand everybody, those who make mistakes on their growing path of life, if not you aren"t spiritual. We are all different, we have our experience and our knowledge and all the time we keep on improving ourselves. That"s the reason I am open to all religions, trying to embrace the best of each, sharing with others the treasure you accumullate. No one can take it from you. The real spititualy is everything that releases your spiritualy of all limits that obstruct the experience of real, spiritual happiness, to make it simple ... real spiritualy brings the pure consciousness and truthful internal peace, non - concitioner love and joy, and deep understanding of all people.


As we have to train our body regularly we have to train our spirit, too. You have to find out what you are grateful for in your life. That can be your sight, hearing, ability to read and write or something. While you"re walking down the street, be grateful to everything you see. To the trees, shops where you buy what you need, policeman that protects you, the children that are playing around. Find something you are grateful instead of looking for something you complain. Make a list of 25 things that you are greateful to in your life. Surely you have more than that, but start with 25. Read that list several times a week, just to remind yourself of the power of gratitude because it"s important to remind of it. Simply repeat magic words: " Thank you so much ", with no reason. Say always to other people. Show how you estimate all that people do for you. Many people forget these magic words. It seems obvious and simple, but we often underestimate the power of smile. Smile is stronger than you can ever think. It has immediate effect, is free of charge and it immediately increases your frequency of happiness. You cannot be in depressive mood if you smile honestly.

Do believe and hope

Faith is the main point to start on. The man with no faith is like a ship with no control. When we say religion the first thought is God. I believe in God. But, you may not believe in God. In that case, it is necessary that you that you believe in yourself, in the intelligence of nature where from you are created and you make the whole with. Belief in yourself and yourself immediately means you can easily love others. I am not sure if you notice that those who learnt how to love themselves, get love and respect in return from others. It"s time to give back the faith in youtself, and that"s the thought - I can, I know, I will  - becomes your everyday reality. The fear is chronical enemy on the path of your growth because it stops all your trials, and it is the sign of distrust in yourself and in the nature intelligence. Besides, the fear is the main offender for your negative and destructive thoughts, that are transformed, in the end into auto - destructive ones.

If you believe that you are beaten - you are beaten.

If you believe that you mustn"t - you mustn"t.

If you want to win and you think you cannot,
surely you won"t.

If you think that you will losse - you lost.

Because in the word we can see that the
success starts with human will.

All is in the way you think.

Life baitles are not won by the faster or the stronger.

Sooner or later the winner is the one who thinks
he is able to win.

We all believe in God, in people or in nature. Everyday we meet people who pronounce thesentences like " I believe that all ends well because God will help us!" And some of them say " I believe that the man can do it because he is capable person or God will help him to recover. " All those sentences mentioned above are true and they are often pronounced. I sometimes articulate those sentences but there is a huge problem. When do we remind of our faith in God, when do we put in mind of all good, smart and responsiblepeople who help us, our friends who are ready to help us? Some of the questions quoted above, we remind of every day but mainly when we need them, when we have problem and need help. If we analyse ourselves we"ll see that"s the real truth! Don"t you like to remind of God everyday bypraying. To put in mind of your friends and family members and surprise them by some present or some polite word. Imagine how your friends would be surprised if you write them or just phone and ask if they need something.


" I really say to you, if you have faith such as the grain of mustard, and sa to this hill, pass from here to the other side, it will pass and nothing will be impossible."
                                                                        ( Matey 17,20 )

" Let it be by your faith!"
( Matey 9:28,29 )

Self help as the help for others

" As big as the man"s wish, such is his act, and his acts will define the character he becomes. "
( Brihadaryka Upanishada )

Self help is not just helping yourself in the moments of crises. It is consciousness about your own capacity, that you have but you don"t use in a proper way. We know that we have " it " in ourselves. We sense that potential and the power deeply inside. It means " pushing " our potential to be used, helping yourself, taking risk, it is the way to help others.
How can we help others if we cannot help ourselves?