The True Story-three

The real temptation to my life come when I found the life love and after the ten months we moved to, 700 km far city where we didn t have anybody from the family. This period was very important because that was the red temptation, how to survive in the strange world?
My wife and me moved to the city called Pula. I had a job and my wife waited for me to come home. Every morning I got up at 4 a.m.and my wife got up too and prepared a caffe for me and the breakfast.
She didn t have to do it, I didn t ask her, but it was her wish to be these morning moments with me in our rented house. Love and confidence that we felt were directly us to the right path. Finally, we both had faith in ourselves and in God, and we believed that the future will bring the better life for us.
We both come from religious family so we used to pray every night before sleeping, and we were grateful for what we had and we expected the better future. This pray kept us together. It was our everyday spiritual reminder. And in fact the things were getting better. I got a job in the company where I am the manager, and my wife got the job in the nearly shop. And this could have been the end of our wishes, but we wanted more. The wishes are very dangerous if you can not deal with them.
Let me write down my vision of “the wish”! The wish is like a room that has entrance and exit, the way in and the way out. When we open the door and walk through it is like we started to fulfill our wish…. When we reach the end of the room our wish is fulfilled. What s going on them? We opened the way out it means the wish is fulfilled but we weren t conscious that we opened the door into the new room, it means the new desire…
That was the case with my wife and me. I wanted to continue my education, university degree of polytechnics.
I believed the university degree could made better my status in the company, and I could afford a better life to my family. Why do I use the term my family? Because in the meanwhile we got an amazing daughter. My faith in better future is stronger and stronger. That was because I had a faith in something that is spiritual and the faith in people. That is the reason why I had a right to hope.
The Spiritual reminder that is on my blog- shows few essential things and these are:
Monolith that symbolizes “the pillar-main supporter” that grasps everything in his hands and all depends on you and the ring that explains the perfection, and it says to you that you have to work on yourself, to hope in better life for your family and your friends.