The True Story-one

The true story about life and spirituality

My name is Krunoslav, and I come from the little village colled Potnjani. I belong to the working class family. It means we used to work 8 hours a day and when we came home we had to work 7 hours more because we possess the huge land and many domestic animals we take care of. We didn t have a lot of profit but we cover daily expenses of food. We were a family of 4, dad, mum, my brother and me. The main events in my free time were hanging out with friends drinking beer. I attended the high scool in Osijek, profession veterinarian tehnician. Every weekend I came to my village and spent time in the same boring way.After graduating I had to find job. I had a promise to get a job but after a lot of time waiting and promising situations the other man got a job in the local vet station.I had my military service and decided to make my own decision im my life.I asked a help from my older brother who worked in the bigger city to help me „any job“ thinking in that time if I stayed too long in that hopeless situation it could be fatal for me. The scenario in that time could have been: unprofitable countryman with no job, drunk all day long, not able to see brighter future but hopelessly lost in time and space. In that time there was one thing that made me not falling totally apart, my family , i was brought up in a way that helped me not to lose hope and faith in myself.It was necessary to remind myself of that fact regularly and to pray daily. It is simply the way of my life, the way of living and surviving in this world.Daily reminding of the spirituality and directing the whole energy to your own potential give you the hope and the reason to live. As we all know very well the hope dies last and that is the real truth in my case. All you need is the spiritual reminder you cannot live without.