The True Story-four

Part IV
If we go back to the beginning of the story and you realized that I went with my wife to the totally unknown far away world with a few suitcases, I am going to tell you what the result is of my faith and my hopes in just 4 years. Now I am the owner of two estates, the one is the house in which I live with my family, I own my new car, and the best of all I have my precious little stone, our little angel, our daughter that fills every hole in our life and transforms all negative energy and thoughts in positive ones. My wife and me didn t inherit anything and we didn t get on lottery, we were working hard for everything we have. We wouldn t succeed if we didn t believe in God, in each other and in people!
The spirituality and the faith are partly belonging to the reading of the books and listening to holy words, but the main part of it is inside yourself and you don t need to look for it in some unknown places because it is there right inside your spirit. It is essential to remind yourself of it regularly and the spiritual reminder helps you.

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You must have the spiritual reminder because it symbolizes the new beginning and it is embodiment of the perfection.
„Let it be up to your faith“..(Mathew 9:28,29)
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