The True Story-two

The true story about life and spirituality

My brother helped me find a job in the building company where i was working very hard. I started to work as the worker and in a very short time I was promoted to the chief in the company specialised for interior decorating work. Nothing would have changed in my life if I didn t believe in my capacity.My open-minded character, freedom to express my ideas gave me the right position to make my own decisions in the company I worked.Every day I reminded myself of the fact that I could cope with the job and I could do it better and better every day. I might not be better than other workers but definitely I was more self-confident and more resolved and more decisive.It was not only me but even my employers believed in my capability. In the next few years I changed few jobs working very hard, 7/24. I believed in that time that I wasn t a robot, and I wasn t supposed to be pushed on the button.I wanted more and it was my huge desire from the bottom of my heart. I wanted to make others listen to me, to become a boss, to become the person whose name is estimated in the company.I didn t want to be the one in a row with no aim and no vision.I wanted to create a better society with my decisions in the community where I lived. I had an opinion „Don t change others but change yourself!“ In this simple sentence all is said that we need to feel more comfortable in the place where we are. These words you should say to everyone in your surrounding because it has a huge meaning. Can you imagine to behave in a way to make everybody feel great around you and to become a good person who wants peace to his soul? Would it be great that each of your neighbours would think the same? Then it wouldn t be necessary to change other people, we would need to change ourselves only. This is the way of living that is ideal and acceptable to everyone and we have to spread it in our surrounding and it is the safest way to to have spiritual and less stressful life. But to experience all those changes you should work on yourself and you need the spiritual reminder. Don t ever forget the spiritual reminder because it is the key to your success. You simply have to possess the one if you desire your spiritual and mental life to be improved. That is the only way to be better.